Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Somethings are just so hard to understand.

When I heard this morning that sweet baby Kayleigh went to be with Jesus last night I was sick. I can't imagine what the family must be going through. Please keep them in your prayers. And on another note, I also watched the local news last night and heard a story of a father who killed his three month old baby by abusing him and stepping on him. Why? Why? Why? As thoughts of these sweet babies went through my head, the fact that they wouldn't get to grow up and experience life kept making me ask why? I guess we will never completly understand why God allows these things to happen. I tell myself that I must turn to my faith and believe with all that I am that these babies are in a wonderful place where they will live an eternal wonderful life.

Since I have started following several blogs and seeing these numerous families struggle with the pain and grief of sick children, family members, and the loss of loved ones I have realized how truly truly blessed I really am. I have learned to appreciate everything about my little girl from the smiles to the fits. Oh my gosh how I love that little girl. Also seeing these families turn to God in these times and keeping up their faith has been such an inspiration to me and helped me draw closer to God and I have to thank them for that. I know that is was know coincidence that I stumbled upon their blogs. There was a bigger reason....he always has a reason.

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