Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The girl loves to dance and American Idol!

I first must apologize for the video being sideways...I tried to rotate it but I was obviously unsuccessful.(if anyone knows how please share) But I had to add it to show you how much the child loves to dance. This is during the duo performance by Adam and Allison. She was rocking out! We love AI and so does she... if they are singing slow songs she will sing along to it too! Maybe I will get a video of that sometime. I have to say Adam did do great tonight, but it was his week. I mean come on, Chris and Danny didn't have a chance tonight. I think they should get to sing whatever they want, because that lets them show their true talent. Anyway thats just my opinion. I would love to see Chris Allen win because I have heard he is a great person and christian. Adam is good, but I looked him up on Youtube and haven't liked him since.

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  1. I filmed sideways once! LOL. The videos are on my blog under the label "videos." :) I haven't figured out how to rotate them either. :(