Monday, May 4, 2009

rain, rain go away!

Ok, I am pretty sure we are close to 100" of rain! Well maybe not quiet that much but it seems like it. I had to add this picture of Emma Grace's toys right where she left them on the last day she got to play outside. Look how much water there is! I think my body is literally craving sunlight! I need the Vitamin D! Isn't it amazing how good a beautiful sunny day can make you feel? The weekend before last, when it was so nice, we worked in the landscaping, planted flowers, cleaned the garage, I think we were outside 90% of the day! Emma Grace even got a little sunburn. Its like you get a great boost of energy. I did nothing but lay around this weekend because the weather was so yucky. I could never live in Seattle because I would never get anything done. I just keep telling myself that the weather is going to be beautiful on the beach in Florida! The annual trip is just 11 day away. YES! It is much needed for all of us! My sister Hillary text me tonight and said she was going to make us an appointment for pedicures next thursday before we leave! :) Ahh that brings a smile to my face to think it is just next week. I am praying already that Emma Grace will do well on the plane! Well until then, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!

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