Friday, May 8, 2009

Loving the Lovey!

Does everyone know what a lovey is? If not, it is another name for a security blanket. Emma Grace got one from her cousin Ruby when she was born. I started putting it to bed with her when she was about seven months old and started sleeping in her own bed. Well I kinda created a monster in a way. The poor blanket "luvey" goes everywhere with us now. It was so pretty and soft at first. Its Little Giraffe brand and it HAD a velvet polk a dot side and a silky side. Well because she loves to put it in her mouth and bite it, she started tearing holes in the velvet side so I had to completly rip it off. I have considered buying another one but I think she would know the difference. She drags is everywhere and it doesn't get washed near as much as it should because it is almost impossible to sneak it away from her! Well I finally did tonight and ended up in a pickle! I washed it and we got busy playing outside and I forgot to put it in the dryer. Well then bedtime rolled around and I realized it. I first tried to put her in bed without it, she was so confused. She kept running to the living room to get it. I gave her nightnight kisses and put her to bed, but she wasn't having any of that. She screamed until I finally got it out of the dryer only half dry and gave it to her. Needless to say, she is sound asleep. That girl loves her lovey!

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  1. Ellie has burp cloths made out of cloth diapers that have eyelet lace sewn around the edges. She has about eight of them. She has held on to one since she was sick and in Children's back when she was itty bitty!! She holds on to the lace part and rubs it in between her fingers. Strange!! She calls hers her "baby" which confuses some people. Anyway, although we have quite a few, as she has gotten older she has picked just a few that she likes. It makes it very hard to keep one clean at all times. I feel your pain!!