Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cleaning for Company and my other babies.

Well I just put Emma Grace to bed and now I am getting to sit down and blog. From the minute my husband and I got home from work we having been cleaning like crazy. Why is it that it takes visitors to make me clean my house so good. Maybe I need company more often, in fact I know I do. Chris's big golf tournament is this weekend and his friend/partner and his wife are going to be staying with us tomorrow night. So our house is wonderfully clean now and my back is killing me.

On another note, my aunt and her family lost their yorkie today. He was ran over by their house. He was their baby. I had this happen to me about four years ago and I thought I was going to die. So please if you are reading, pray for comfort for their aching hearts. It is amazing how attached we get to dogs. So this made me think about my too first born children, my dogs, Elle and Lilly. Even though they don't get near the attention they did before Emma Grace, I still do love the rug rats. So here they are! They are both yorkies even though Elle our big one doesn't look like a typical yorkie.


  1. Found your blog through MckMama. Don't worry, I usually only super-clean when I have guests, too!

  2. Hey! I was so sad to hear about Toby! TJ cut Cale's hair, his first haircut, that day. I don't know how she was working! Have a good weekend. Who is Chris's partner?

  3. How cute! The big one looks like my mom's Yorkie and the little one looks more like mine, lol. They are both too cute.

    BTW: I ran across your blog via MckMama's twitpics.