Monday, August 10, 2009

My little swimmer!

At the first of summer Emma Grace was on my hip if she was in the water at all. She hated any and every life jacket we tried. Until.....we found the miracle life jacket. Apparently it is the new thing because all they little ones at the lake have them. It is wonderful! It is just around her waste so it doesn't come up around her neck and bother her. If you don't have one yet you have to get one!!! Emma Grace is now swimming on her own and jumping of the steps of the pool. The total opposite of the first of summer. Here are some pics of her splish splashing around!


  1. Awesome pics. She is so adorable.

    We got SJ one too. It works great!!!

  2. Ellie has one of the swimsuits with the built in floaties. I always hated them until I had little miss fearless. She kept trying to flip her baby float over. She kept telling me she wanted to go under! So, she wears the suit over her swimsuit and them arm floaties too. Pretty much the same concept as this! Makes her feel big! EG is getting so big and looking more and more like her mommy everyday!

  3. I have heard of hte Gathering Place in Booneville, but never been there. I'll have to check it out next time in there...thanks! are you from there??